Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Predictive problems in customer FMCG analysis

Here are six areas in customer FMCG analysis which can be solved by predictive modelling:
o How can we predict the S shape of new product sales at earliest stage possibly
Customer targeting
o Which offers are most relevant for which customers (at what time) - to increase participation
Propensity to buy (cross sell)
o Who are the best targets for a product/category – to increase sales
Similarity (customers or products)
o Both can be used to recommend additional products to customers
Promotions (optimisation)
o Which mechanic and discount on which product delivers most ROI
Life stage and events
o Family types
o New family member, pregnancy
o New job/wealth
Some of these are getting addressed by retailers today; others will grow in the future. If you want to share ideas on any of those, of course let me know.

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