Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Telecoms will push analytics

Telecom firms are starting to ponder what to do with the massive data they collect on an everyday basis. How can they gather anonymised insights from their data which they can package up and sell?

They know the following things about (especially paid smartphone) users:
Who they are and where they live
Where they went at what time
How much they use their phone and for what (that includes websites browsed)
Who they are connected to

The challenge for many telecoms is to bring this information into a Single Customer View (SCV) as it exists in silos (and different frequencies).

Using these four tiers of information, the telco can produce unique insights of the sort:
Who shops where and what time?
Where do those shoppers go before and after the shop?
What is the cross shopping (switching) of users?
What websites correlate with what shopping behaviour?
Who are the influencers in a network?
o So if I wanted to target only influencers, who would it be?
How do online (mobile) and offline shopping behaviour interact?

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