Wednesday, April 06, 2011

R and Python

Here is a R and Python syntax table, I have also included Numpy commands to make it more comparable. Where a cell is empty I could not find an equivalent.

Task Python Python Numpy R
sequence x=[I for I in range(1,11)]   x <- 1:10
scalar x=1 x=array(1) x <- 1
vector/list x=[1,2] x=array((1,2)) x <- c(1,2)
constant vector x=100*[1] x=ones(100) x <- rep(1,100)
append x.append(1)   x <- c(x,1)
matrix x=[[1,2],[3,4]] mat([[1,2],[3,4]]) x <- matrix(c(1,2,3,4),ncol=2,byrow=TRUE))
column stack   hstack((x,y)) cbind(x,y)
row stack   vstack((x,y)) rbind(x,y)
for for I in range(1,11):
 print I
  for I in c(1:10)) {
while I=1
while (I<10):
  I <- 1
while (I<10) {
 I <- I+1
if if I==10:
 print 'Yes'
 print 'No'
  if (I==10) {
} else {
 print ('No')
length len(x) len(x) length(x), nrow(x)
columns len(x[0]) x.shape[1] ncol(x)
dimension   x.shape dim(x)
summary     summary(x)
read csv import csv'file','r'))
for line in reader:
  mydata <- read.csv("file", header=TRUE)
write csv import csv
for d in data:
  write.csv(data, file="file", row.names = FALSE)
sum sum(x) sum(x) sum(x)
select element x[1][1] x[1,1] x[2,2]
last element x[-1] x[-1] x[-1]
select column   x[:,1] x[,2], x$Name
correlation   corrcoef(x,y) cor(x,y)
mean   mean(x) mean(x)
function def func(x):
 print x
 return x
  func <- function(x) {
dot product   dot(x,b) x*b
transpose   transpose(x) t(x)
matrix product   b*x t(b) %*% x
random random.random() random.rand(1) runif(1,0,1)
sort x.sort()   sort(x)
help help(command) help(command) help(command), ??command


Ben Mabey said...

This looks like a nice resource, thanks for sharing. BTW, it looks like you have a slight error/omission on the dot product for R. You have x*b... it should really be sum(x*b).

Anonymous said...

nice resource indeed,
i would have wanted more

it's a little unfair for numpy,
because numpy has methods for reading and writing text files (csv and whatnot)

pandas should be here in comparison,
especially with R,
because it's statistics oriented and extremely useful