Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lines exe

The exe in the linked zip file prints the first or last rows of a very large file. You need to extract all files into the same folder as your large file, then in DOS run
lines [your file]
This will print 10 rows and also count number of rows.
You can change how many rows you see and if it's top or bottom like
lines -l 20 -t B [your file]
where 20 is number of rows and B is bottom.

If you want the output directed to a new file do
lines [your file] > [new file]

Friday, June 25, 2010

Government organisations by staff cost (salary)

I have had a look at the workforce cost data release. I have calculated a cost per FTE and taken those with more than 100 FTE. The costs seem rather high and might include expenses and pension contributions I guess. Nevertheless ODA and NDA get the most. The highest ranking proper department is International Development.

Organisation name Main/parent/sponsoring department (where applicable) Cost per FTE
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority DECC £94,634.83
Partnerships for Schools Department of Education £86,021.51
Government Actuary's Department Government Actuary's Department £79,230.77
Personal Accounts Delivery Authority Department for Work and Pensions £72,138.96
Office of Rail Regulation DfT £64,484.19
Department for International Development Department for International Development £64,410.68
NS&I H M Treasury £63,750.32
SEEDA BIS £63,739.65
Cabinet Office Cabinet Office £63,322.03
The Pensions Regulator DWP £60,993.98
Office of Government Commerce H M Treasury £60,389.45
Audit Commission Communities and Local Government £59,457.83
Pension Protection Fund DWP £59,306.57
Young People's Learning Agency DFE £59,174.88
Tenant Services Authority Communities and Local Government £57,858.23
Dept. of Health (core) Dept. of Health £57,550.96
Treasury Solicitors Department Treasury Solicitors Department £57,225.06
Advantage West Midlands BIS £57,012.42
SOCA (including CEOP) Home Office £56,919.73
CLG - Central Department Communities and Local Government £56,716.60
Export Credits Guarantee Department Export Credits Guarantee Department £56,398.10
Core DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change £56,393.67
Department for Culture, Media and Sport Department for Culture, Media and Sport £56,235.54

Top 10 government websites

Here are the top 10 government websites by number of unique users in March 2010. The first six are all service driven.

DoH and Justice actually attract more visitors than No10. The OPSI page is a bit of a surprise but it seems to act as host.

Website Unique Users Mar-10 11,433,948 6,975,509 4,360,065 1,715,043 1,501,135 1,447,337 1,038,601 1,003,197 879,726 800,676

Data is here

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Structured v unstructured data

Is the data on the web unstrcutured? It is to some extent, especially
what is said by individuals (buzz). The rest should be pretty
structured because you can exploit the HTML/PHP/XML syntax. With the
advent of the semantic web it is becoming more structured. The web is
becoming more like a neural net.

Crisis and employment

The UK job market has not been hit as hard by the economic crisis as
some expected. On the other hand the upturn in the US has mainly been
jobless. I think what has happened is that companies have streamlined
to increase productivity. In the UK people have been put on shorter
work rather than being fired. In the US firing is easier. This crisis
will exacerbate the underlying trend for unskilled jobs. We need a
educational revolution in the West not a scaling back as suggested by
the Lib Tory coalition, to save our society from further splitting