Saturday, March 27, 2010

Google public data

Google has started its own data tool. It's still quite basic and has mainly EU and US stats but it's a nice addition. Here it shows that the UK which used to have always lower unemployment, has now higher unemployment than Germany.

This week

Diane Abbott, who appears on BCC1 This Week, is getting increasingly annoying. She interrupts guests when she doesn't agree and has an awful temper. Her dress sense which was never great also seems to diminish. I did actually like her once but she seems to be a really difficult person.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Movies of the Decade

You can browse the movies of the decades on IMDB by replacing the number in the following URL,1949&title_type=feature&num_votes=10000,&sort=user_rating,desc

40s Casablanca
50s 12 Angry Men
60s Good, Bad, Ugly
70s Godfather

SAS search macro

I have written a search macro in SAS which performs text search on various variables. It allows for and/or logic although only one at a time. Let me know what you think. Can be downloaded form Google Docs.

%search(dset, search data set
    str, characters to search for
    vars, variables to search in
    or=N,    N=and Y=or
    case=N, Y=case sensitive
    word=Y, Y=look for word N=look for words containing
    print=Y Y=prints
    out=search output data set

%search(one,dirk nachbar,firstname lastname) searches for dirk AND nachbar (not case sensitive) in variables firstname
 and lastname in table one