Thursday, December 03, 2009

Amex and Tesco

There has been recent news that Amex wants to follow the Tesco Clubcard (dunnhumby) model and start selling aggregated data to whoever is willing to pay for it. Amex' global customer base of 90m makes Clubcard's 14m look small. However, it will be quite a challenge to filter out data or a segmentation which will appeal to all retailers and consumer goods companies. Amex has a very biased customer base, which is good for targeting (which I understand is not part of this because Amex customers never opted in) but not so good for market research. It would be great if Amex could go a step further and create a journey segmentation which would show how customers shop certain categories. I think it will take years for them to data mine their (90m times hundreds of transactions) database.

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