Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Government internet database

Maybe the u-turn on the internet database has also to do with the realisation what the cost of such a data base would be. Below I am making an estimate of how big an annual data set would be: 503 terabyte. This would need an army of IT specialists to maintain. A query on this data base would probably take a lot of time. And this is a conservative estimate assuming only the URL (and datetime) is kept and no search keywords or so. It also assumes emails are transferred into text and attachments are lost.

Population 60,000,000

Internet users % 73.00%

Internet users 43,800,000
Websites Sites per day 15
Days per week 6
Datetime field 8 byte
URN field 8 byte
Site field 100 byte
Emails Emails per day 15
Text size of email 1000 byte
Email accounts per person 2

Size of annual database 503,388,144,000,000 byte

503,388,144,000 KB

503,388,144 MB

503,388 GB

Size of monthly slice 41,949.01 GB

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