Monday, June 23, 2008

300th post: Eight jobs for the future

Here are eight jobs which I think will become more prevalent in the future and if you start studying today you might want to check some of these routes. Many are not new but they will grow in number and scope.

  1. Designer: design is taking over and is becoming a key fetaure of many products and services. This reaches from web to interior design.
  2. Engineer: Engineering will stay a key role in today's world, from electronics via robotics to hybrid design of fusing new technologies.
  3. Web developper: Web 2.0 is the new hype and what will be web 3.0, no one knows but it certainly will need people to come up with new ideas. The programming won't be the key issue but how to design it (see 1).
  4. User content manager: the i generation is taking over, media corps have to fuse user content into thier output, how to manage this is somehting for a new kind of marketing.
  5. Data security officer: The government certainly needs one, as collecting data becomes cheaper, somebody needs to take care of the details.
  6. AI developper: the notion of articifical intelligence has been around for a while, but only our new gadgets come close to the AI paradigm. again it is about design and development, rather than the execution.
  7. Climatologist: Going green is the new fashion, the climate is a constant theme and scientist receive huge funding for stuyding the climate.
  8. BPO consultant: business process outsourcing is nowhere near its capacity, as the West struggles the East will catch up, and someone needs to sort it out.

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