Saturday, May 05, 2007

Everyone against Google

Google is the new Microsoft, except it's not really selling anything. Many people nowadays argue against the google information monopoly. runs a campaign against google, obviously promoting its own search engine in Che-Guevara-style. Football leagues and media conglomerates are suing Google daughter YouTube. Ironically, Microsoft and yahoo are teaming up against google. Even Murdoch is building his own front. What do they have against google?

On the face of it google is just a search engine, with some added features. Everyone can choose which search engine s/he uses. I use it all the time, because it gets me the best results. Yes, there are cases in which google's search engine can be manipulated, but which search engine is perfect? What does perfect mean in this sense anyway? An example, searching for my own blog wouldn't give me the result. Are they exluding blogspot, because it belongs to google? That would be true hipocrisy given their marketing campaign.

Look at, which is a free Office program which you can use from anywhere in the world. If used properly it can save us hundreds of dollars or pounds.

The case with Microsoft was different. Whenever I bought a PC, I had to pay for Windows as well. With google I don't pay for anything. I even might earn some money by joining adSense.

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