Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Peter Rossi and marketing

Peter Rossi is professor of marketing and statistics at Chicago. The 51 year old graduated from Chicago in 1984. He has published a vast amount of articles on econometric techniques applying marketing data. He is a proponent of Bayesian statistics. His students include Belgian Eric Ghysels and Greg Allenby. Interestingly one of his first articles was on the relationship between mood and menstruation cycle.

His articles include
  • With G. Allenby and J. Kim, "Product Attributes and Models of Multiple Discreteness," Journal of Econometrics (forthcoming, 2006).
  • With R. McCulloch and Z. Gilula, "A Direct Approach to Data Fusion, Journal of Marketing Research (2006).
  • With G. Allenby and R. McCulloch, Bayesian Statistics and Marketing , in John Wiley Statistics and Probability Series (2005).
  • With P. Manchanda and P. Chintagunta, "Response Modeling with Non-Random Marketing Mix Variables," Journal of Marketing Research (2004).
  • With J. Chevalier and A. Kashyap, "Why Don't Prices Rise During Periods of Peak Demand," American Economic Review (2003).

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