Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Econometrics journals impacts

The Free University of Amsterdam reveals the impact factors of the top 50 (shown below only top 10) econometrics journals. Econometrica only makes it into seventh place, which probably we can blame on the bias in game theory.

Biostatistics (2) and Marketing Science (4) are surprising entries and show that economists are losing the supremacy over econometrics. In eighth place we have another marketing journal. Ninth and tenth place are occupied by financial journals.

Biostatistics was only set up in 2000. Its editor is Scott Zeger of John Hopkins University. The journal has many articles on duration models, and Bayesian econometrics.

Rank in 2005 Acronym

  1. -------- QJE
  2. -------- Biostatistics
  3. -------- JEL
  4. -------- MarkSc
  5. -------- JHE
  6. -------- JEP
  7. -------- Econometrica
  8. -------- JMR
  9. -------- JEG NEW
  10. -------- JF

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