Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MP's origins

According to the Sutton trust almost one third (32%) of current MPs attended independent schools, which educate just 7% of the population. 72% to university, including 43% who attended one of 13 leading universities and over a quarter (27%) who went to Oxbridge.

Broken down by party, Conservative MPs were most likely to have attended private schools (59% having done so) while Labour MPs were the least likely (18%). Conservative MPs were also more likely to have been educated at a leading university: almost two-thirds (63%) attended one of the Sutton 13 including 46% at Oxford or Cambridge. This compares with one-third (33%) of Labour MPs from the Sutton 13, half of whom graduated from Oxbridge.

These are the 13 leading universities identified as having the highest average rankings in surveys published by The Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and Financial Times in 2000, and which have been used for previous Sutton Trust Research. The universities are: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Imperial, London School of Economics, Nottingham, Oxford, St Andrews, University College London, Warwick and York.

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