Wednesday, January 31, 2007

James on daycare

Oliver James writes about Hutton's announcement that lone parents should be encouraged to work. James claims he has evidence that "daycare children are at greater risk of being insecure in relationships, aggressive and indiscriminately friendly". Please, give us the source as I am not aware of that evidence.

He also completely misunderstands the proposal by ranting about three-year-olds, when the proposal refers to lone parents with children aged 11 and above.

He then proposes to pay lone parents the national average wage. This shows his lack of understanding of any economics. Besides, lone parents need to work only few hours to escape poverty, because of the existing minimum wage and tax credits.

James seems to have a division in his head between Blatcherites and Brownites. This division is very flawed since it misses the point about departmental responsibilities.

Please do your homework, Mr James.

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